熱 門 產 品

X-FORM Pro 40
The unit accepts nearly any common HD or SD- format and converts it to nearly any format including framerate conversion.
The unit downconverts
720p/1080i HD to SD and
upconverts SD to 720p/1080i
HD.WSS, VideoID, Video
Indexing and AFD are
Special settings for conversio
n from/to 4:3 material are
X-FORM Pro 10
HD Up/Down/Cross Converter
Connect any common HD-
format to the HD Pro 10 and
convert it down to SD or
another HD ormat or connect a SD signal to the HD Pro 10 and convert it to HD.
LYNX Series 5000 CardModules
Series 5000 is a rack based terminal equipment solution which is user configured with any mixture of CardModules from our extensive range of available solutions. This includes audio distribution, conversion and processing as well as video distribution, conversion, embedding and de-embedding, frame synchronization, test generators, down converters and video processors. This spans the gamut of analog video through 270Mbit, 1.5Gbit and 3Gbit digital video processing with fiber I/O.
LYNX Yellobrik CDH 1811
3Gbit SDI to HDMI Converter,
with optional Fiber Inputs /
1. Supports all SDI formats
upto 1080P60

2. Optional fiber inputs and

3. Selectable Timecode and
Metadata burn in window

4. Analog audio and AES audio outputs

Sierra View
1. Up to 64 video inputs or a dual multi-viewer with up to 2 x 32 video inputs

2. Up to 1024 audio channels may be displayed

3. 2 x DVI-I outputs per multi-viewer

4. Analog and digital video formats up to HD 1080p, 3 Gbps

5. Optional fiber input cards for SDI sources

6. 3RU compact design
Mosaic Digital Console
Art meets technology in the modular, flexible Mosaic by Logitek. An advanced control surface for our digital Audio Engine router, the Mosaic comprises a series of modules that give you the precise number of faders and controls for your needs. Fader modules, monitor modules and softkey modules each contain versatile controls along with full color LCD screens.